What is BruceAlbum?

BruceAlbum.com is a platform created by and for Springsteen fans to let everyone who assisted to a specific show share their pictures and watch everyone else’s, based on their location in the venue.

Who is it for?

This platform is intended to be used by any kind of Springsteen fan, whether a professional/experienced photographer or anyone with his phone.

Get Started

Do not hesitate to try it out! It’s as simple as registering and begin uploading! You can also give us some feedback on your experience to make this site better.


Your BruceAlbum

This is how it works

Enjoy your concert

Go to your concert and take a good spot (based on the time you want to spend queuing, of course). Enjoy every bit of it and remember your location within the venue!

Take your pictures

Take all the pictures you can with your phone or camera. Pictures of the show, the band members, the audience, people around you…everything you consider worth remembering.

Select your location

Every time a concert is completed, a section for that show will become available, as well as a map of the place, where you’ll be able to easily identify the exact spot you were stanting at.

Upload the pictures

With the help of an advanced uploader, you’ll be able to upload all this pictures you’ve taken (maybe the best ones), so they all become part of this network.

Look for more

Browse everyone else’s pictures to find images of that show. You can look for yourself the moment Bruce took your sign and somehow interacted with you, or pictures taken when he was playing your favourite song.

Our geolocation system

Springsteen Stadium

Stadium layouts

We cover all kinds of stadium layouts Bruce is using. For each concert you’ll have available the right one, so you can choose the exact spot you were standing at.

  • All layouts share a zone-coding system
  • Each one has its equivalency with the others
  • Interactive map with nº of pictures per zone
  • Zone re-arrange capabilities available

Picture database

We keep track of the location of each one of your pictures, as well as its popularity. You can navigate all the pictures following different criteria:

  • Pictures by show
  • Pictures by photographer
  • Pictures by rating
  • Custom search combining all criteria