How it works

BruceAlbum was born when thinking of possible ways to get in touch with those who standed around you in a Springsteen show, and exchange some pictures of it. It’s goal is to become a social network for all of us who want to share our experiences within this big world around The Boss.

The Process

1. Enjoy your concert and take some pictures

Go to your concert and take a good spot (based on the time you want to spend queuing, of course). Enjoy every bit of it and remember your location within the venue! Take all the pictures you can with your phone or camera. Pictures of the show, the band members, the audience, people around you…everything you consider worth remembering.

2. Select your location and upload the pictures

Every time a concert is completed, a section for that show will become available in Past Shows, as well as a map of the place, where you’ll be able to easily identify the exact spot you were stanting at. With the help of an advanced uploader, you’ll be able to upload all this pictures you’ve taken (maybe the best ones), so they all become part of this network.

Site Rules

1. Legal rights on the pictures

Every single picture you upload to remains your property and responsibility. You are only giving permission to to show your pictures within this domain and/or associated Social Media accounts -based on their popularity-. Everyone who wishes to use your pictures by his own must ask the you for permission, BruceAlbum has nothing to do with the property/usage of those pictures.

2. Authenticity

Every picture you upload must be taken by you or of your property. We’ve got a very strict policy on duplicate pictures. Any user uploading non-original content (meaning duplicate within the site/property of another photographer) will be instantly kicked out of the platform. We encourage users to alert the staff about any violation of this rules.